• Single Class $8
  • 10 Card Class $75 ($7.50 per class)
  • 20 Card Class $145 ($7.25 per class)
  • Unlimited Monthly $79
  • 10% Student or senior discount
    Punch cards expire in 4 months


  • Early Bird Vinyasa Flow Yoga
    Start your day with early morning yoga workout that will help you generate both energy and a peaceful state of mind to prepare you for your day. Using a continuous flow of yoga poses.
  • Pilates Mat
  • A stimulating class for mind and body. Exercises designed to strengthen and tone muscles, improve posture with the emphasis being on the core and breath. Pilates works all the muscles all the time.

  • Gentle Yoga
  • Slow to moderate flow with emphasis on breathing and proper alignment in basic postures. Paced for new students or those with limitations can be used as restorative class.
  • Yoga 1-2
  • Energizing practice engaging in a celebration of the body’s strength and stamina by flowing through a rigorous asana sequences to improve tone and muscle.
  • R.I.P.P.E.D.
  • Work out in a high-energy, music driven class to maximize your time by burning calories, building endurance, and increase your strength through a series of exercise and light weights.
  • Zumba
  • An exhilarating dance party a fun and effective workout combining Latin dance with interval resistance training for full body rhythmic workout.
  • Check our calendar as more classes and workshops to be added in the following months.